HEC-Holland converting solutions


The HEC-Holland converting solutions

At our dedicated converting facilities, we produce and customize our customers’ tapes and yarns according to their specific needs. Our converting specialists have profound experience and knowledge of the cable industry. We fully understand your production requirements and your demands regarding process optimization..

Whether it concerns winding standard or specialty bobbins, mother rolls, pads or spools, HEC Holland offers converting services into any required size, with the very best all-round converting solutions of the cable industry.

At our facilities, fully automated machines take care of your order, using multiple, specific cutting and winding techniques. Supervised by our converting specialists, HEC-Holland offers flexibility and customer satisfaction, no matter how specific your request is.
In short, we take care of your order with fast, made-to-order converting services, such as:

  • Cutting, winding, twining
  • Labelling
  • Packaging
  • Shipping directly from our Dutch warehouse and delivery to you on the date you want.

We even offer completely integrated processing and packaging solutions, helping you to optimize your production process without unnecessary and costly interruptions. Our customers are served with the best converted materials in the industry, ready for your production.
 We make sure you will become one of our many happy customers!

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HEC-Holland – measurements COVID-19 – CUSTOMER MESSAGE

This summer, HEC Holland is expanding its sales power in Shanghai with the opening of new sales office.

Customers in China can now call our new local office:

HEC-Holland – China 

Shanghai Kerry Centre
29th floor – 1515 Nan Jing West Road
Jing An
Shanghai 200040 China

Phone   : 00 86 21 6103 7100
Fax        : 00 86 21 6103 7171

Shanghai office HEC Holland
HEC-Holland Shanghai

HEC-Holland – status update – supply chain management – COVID-19 – CUSTOMER MESSAGE

Delivery Times & In Stock

Dear partner,

The impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) on public health and the economy is being felt in an increasing number of countries. Protecting the health and safety of our employees, customers and suppliers is and remains a top priority for HEC-Holland.


For situations like this, we use protocols and preventive measures in accordance with the guidelines prescribed by the health authorities in the Netherlands. Our aim is to continue to serve our customers and partners as well as possible and to ensure that activities for your organization can be optimally continued.

We are currently active in rotating shifts, both from home and office, in order to minimize risks. This setup enables us to continue to provide you with the best supply chain solutions for the delivery of all your goods.

Air freight

Developments in air freight are currently following each other rapidly and are therefore continuously subject to change. Many airlines have decided to limit and/or discontinue passenger flight schedules indefinitely. Discontinuation of these timetables has major consequences for capacity and pricing. Full cargo flights are still permitted.

We see that passenger flights with only cargo on board are becoming the new reality, which helps to compensate for lost capacity. The (Dutch) authorities have also decided to grant approval for the large number of canceled passenger flights (at Amsterdam Airport) to be given to freight companies virtually and without restrictions. This measure will certainly apply until June 6th of this year. This scheme should ensure that sufficient ad hoc capacity for cargo flights at the airport remains available.

Ocean Freight

While operations at terminals in China are gradually returning back to normal, terminals are still experiencing congestion as a result of past arrears. As demand for goods from China and other Asian countries is lagging, shipping companies are expected to keep dropping sailings until the end of March.

This also has consequences for shipping to and within (short sea) Europe. The canceled sailings from Asia have caused an imbalance in equipment, with a high demand for exports from Europe and a scarcity of imports (containers) from the Far East.

We will of course continue to monitor with our partners the situation closely and inform you immediately of any new developments.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding in these difficult times.

Yours sincerely,

Eugène Lurkin

Managing Director


HEC-Holland – measurements COVID-19 – CUSTOMER MESSAGE

Dear valued partner,

Let me have your attention to the following information bulletin.

Please be advised that due to the COVID-19 situation HEC-HOLLAND has decided to take precaution measurements to safeguard/guarantee our services.

As per the yesterday’s official Governmental instruction we have changed as per immediate effect several policies and procedures.

The most important measurement is that we have decided to split our full team in separate teams who every other day work from home or office, or alternatively due to strategical importance completely from home.

During our work we are operating from separate rooms and no joint lunch and/or activities are being executed, the same will count for private affaires. Furthermore, will our offices being cleaned several times a day to minimize any infection risk.

Within this period there will be no changes in the team formation to guarantee the health conditions and possible cross contamination.

In case of any health issue the team member stays home and will visit the doctor / health authorities in order to be declared free of disease before getting into his/her team.

All travel schedules have been cancelled till further notice, and no external persons are allowed to visit our premises.

This measurements have for us as team some consequences however we need to make sure that we can guarantee our business activities.

The current restrictions are valid up until 3rd of April included and can be changed in case of need or as per our Governmental Instruction (RIVM).

If you have any questions pertaining the above information than please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Kind regards,

Eugène Lurkin
Managing Director