PE Tapes

PE Tapes
PE-Tapes Waterblocking Tapes Binding-Tapes

PE Tapes as insurance policy

Call it your “insurance policy” having a big effect on the life span of the cable during operation and in case of water ingress our high quality PE tapes are doing the job where they are designed for – seal on short controllable distance the damaged part of the cable by blocking and stopping the water ingress on a short cable length and minimize the damage of the cable and cost of replacement and repair works.

Each (non) woven tape reference is designed to do his job within the cable type range. To either or combine waterblocking, bedding, binding, heat barrier, separation of the cable(segments). With our own designed calculation program, we can determine the technical and economic needs to meet your own, customer and official international standards.

We provide multiple options:

Our tapes are produced under the best processing conditions, using the right raw materials and additives and being produced, converted, packed and shipped by our specialists who now how to do the job based on their know-how and expertise. All our tapes are meeting the highest standards and are RoHS and REACH compliant.

The best thinkable logistics and technique

We deliver our tapes since many years at continuous stable quality and at favorable commercial conditions giving the best thinkable logistical and technical service and support.

Our product and R&D team is co-working together with cable designers and process engineers, sometimes with the support of independent research institutes, to come with even better tape solutions to meet the future process and design requirements in the nowadays dynamic cable world, where continuous new visions and ideas are key to be and stay successful.

Diverse cable segments

Our tapes are used within the diverse cable segments, from data/telecom to power and subsea and other heavy-duty applications in the harsh environment is asking a tape to 24/7 fulfill its duty – year on year.

For more technical and commercial information and our possibilities we recommend contacting our sales engineer or visit our own converting station to see how our operations work.


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