PE Yarns

PE Yarns

Technical PE yarns

We offer a full range of PE based technical yarns with one or multiple functions. We produce a variety of PE yarns, ranging from low shrink yarns to yarns for waterblocking. Which is one of the pillars of our company.

Advisory role

HEC-Holland is your partner in advising what is the right blend, mixture or type of water swellable yarns you should use for your cable design. Our engineers always look for an optimal solution for your cable design. Keeping in mind great performance and economics.

Waterswellable yarns

Our waterswellable yarns have excellent mechanical performances and outstanding swelling properties such as quick and stable gel formatting. This is required to minimize water ingress in order to reduce the damage by preventing capillary actions within the cable length. This reduces the replacement costs and overall costs and nuisance.

Depending cable design, type of production process and/or cable standard, we can offer multiple types ofwaterswellable yarns. From more economical to a more highly engineered yarn. Within each product range we have a selection on mechanical and water absorption requirements.

Oasis Super Absorbent Fibre

For the engineered cable requirements we advise our oasis Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF). They come in a long staple ring spun or long staple wrap spun option. They grant low dust and are free from fibre fly, which can be essential within production where materials are running at high speeds or at cable constructions which have to stay ultra-clean.

This unique production process utilizes Oasis Super Absorbent Fibre (SAF), known for its swelling properties. It is carefully blended with other PE based yarns. This blending creates the optimal product. The product meets the customers wishes and requirements. It offers the desired thickness, strength and water absorption.

Enhanced performance

If you’re looking for cost-effective options, we recommend choosing our impregnated versions, which offer excellent mechanical and swelling properties. These versions can significantly contribute to your success. Additionally, our PE-based waterswellable yarns are utilized for waterblocking stranded conductors and segments or entire cable constructions, effectively preventing water ingress.

Advanced Longitudinal waterblocking solutions

We offer a range of solutions for waterblocking in fiber optic cables, including blowing into tubes or laying crosslay. Our materials are tailored to your production process and boast rapid, stable swelling properties and exceptional durability..


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