Super Absorbent Polymer

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Water blocking powder

Super absorbent polymer as waterblocking powder

HEC-Holland presents a revolutionary waterblocking powder, a super absorbent polymer engineered to maintain cable dryness during operation and in the event of water infiltration, effectively forming a sturdy gel barrier within the voids. This innovation drastically reduces cable damage and associated replacement and repair expenses.

Our premium white water-blocking powder boasts outstanding water-blocking capabilities and impressive absorption capacity, alongside excellent swelling properties. Compliant with RoHS and REACH standards, it is suitable for use in water-tight stranded conductors, whether made of copper or aluminum. This product ensures remarkable gel stability, guaranteeing enduring water-blocking performance.

Anti-caking Sodium Polyacrylate-based

Our sodium polyacrylate-based SAP, designed to prevent clumping and ensure smooth flow, features a precise particle size distribution crucial for the cable industry’s efficient operations and performance.

For the safe, efficient, and cost-effective application of our waterblocking powder, we recommend specialized applicators utilizing either electrostatic or fluidized techniques.

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