Optical Fiber

Optical Fiber cables for more challenging conditions

In- and outdoor and subsea optical fiber cables applications are designed to withstand more and challenging conditions. Ranging from environmental climatical harsh circumstances to extreme mechanical forces.

Besides this, our customers are more and more demanding. Not only on the quality, performance and the processability of our products but also on the economics. Logical, since their cables are reaching the critical limits at which they have to perform at its best, always… during their entire life cycle.

Polyolefins, jacketing, tubing & raw materials

HEC-Holland is the right partner in this field with a long track record in this field having a wide range of products within Polyolefins for standard and special jacketing and tubing. Per specific or/and international standard/norm, but also within on Raw Materials like our diverse type of Tapes and Yarns versions with single or multiple functions.

Special cable constructions

At our Specialties section we have materials such as cable gels, which are especially designed. They are applicable for the production of back-bone and FTTX OFC cable constructions such as loose-tube, central-tube, ribbon, micro-duct and sensing fiber optic cable constructions.

Advise in cost reduction and sustainability

Our technical and sales engineers can advise and recommend you to select the best materials for your cable design, but also advising you on how to reduce not only the total cost on ownership but also how to better contribute to society and the environment.

For more technical and commercial information and our possibilities we recommend contacting our sales engineer.

Optical Fiber Industry HEC Holland