Other industries

Other segments for cable constructions

Besides the known industries for power, in- and outdoor land and marine energy and data and control industry, we also supply products for other industries. Our special cable construction products and services are also very suitable for  industries such as marine and the automotive industrie. And even over cable andr high performance applications can be used with our products. In this segment there are many cases which need special cable design requirements and standards.

Collaborate for (alternative) solutions

HEC-Holland’s research and development department is collaborating with diverse reputable partners, institutes and universities to come with (alternative) solutions to overcome technical hurdles in design and production with a strong eye on the economics and processability. For this we have a specific tailor-made range of designed products which are the perfect fit to cable design.

Other Industries HEC-Holland
Other Industries HEC-Holland

Good cable design, cost reduction and sustainability

Our technical and sales engineers can advise and recommend to select the best materials for your cable design, but also advise you on how to reduce not only the total cost on ownership but also how to better contribute to society and the environment.

For more technical and commercial information and our possibilities we recommend contacting our sales engineer.