Engineered Polyolefins

Engineered Polyolefins HEC Holland
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Engineered polyolefins as connector

Connectivity is significant in the fast-moving world where due to increasing urbanization there is a need for more stable data and power supply.

Cable manufacturers are embracing our presence within the market and we keep growing not only in capacity but also in the product range of our engineered polyolefins, such as:

We guarantee the in-time supply to stable low maintenance output with a clear and strong focus on reduction of production costs enhancing the costs of ownership in regard to the lifecycle of the final products: Your cables.

Cost reduction 

Our products are not only easy processable but also have a clear focus on cost reduction in processing and extend the time to clean the line but also reduce the time for shipping out to its customers. Hence overall costs of ownership over the entire product lifecycle.

Overall, we can say that our engineered polyolefin products are meeting the standards and requirements of our continuous growing customer-base who are looking for the perfect alternative to be integrated within their feedstock-chain.

Local stock & On demand

In order to meet up the lead times, we have a suitable local stock at the various distribution locations from where out we are able to deliver swift and fast, packed in standardized packaging or in bulk/silo, if we required “on demand”.

For more technical and commercial information and our possibilities we recommend contacting our sales engineer.