Cable Filling Gels

Cable Filling Gels
Cable filling gels

Cable Filling Gels range

HEC-Holland is offering a range of petrol- and thixotropic gel compound solutions for filling and flooding applications. We offer cable filling gels for a wide variety of solutions. Each to suit the needs of the customer.

Copper-based cables

Our yellowish copper cable gel compounds are being used for copper-based cables. This includes data, LAN cables as waterblocking method, but also as filling compounds for OPGW and subsea cable constructions.

Fiber optic cable thixotropic gel compounds

Our fiber optic cable thixotropic gel compounds are used as filling and flooding compound of loose tube and slotted fiber optic cable constructions as bumper to avoid attenuation and increase stability and elasticity, avoiding corrosion – air (sealing) and longitudinal water blocking – their appearance is transparent whitish of color.

State-of-the-art products

The research and development department of our partner has a sizeable track record to develop and engineer state-of-the-art products. They meet the high standards of our customers cable products for the cable segments in which we are active. Our products are designed for the long-term operation in sometimes harsh environmental situations.

Cable gel compounds by global brands

We produce cable gel compounds with high standard feedstock provided by the global brands. This ensures homogenic and stable quality which provides a solid base for our manufacturing team. The engineers produce a consistent product according to the international standards and customer requirements.

Our products find their way throughout our continuous growing customer base. We make sure you are satisfied about the high-end, stable quality and ensure quick and reliable services.

Our products are packed in steel drums of approximately 170 to 180 net kg per barrel.


For more technical information and the possibilities we provide for your project(s), please contact us.

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