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PP Yarn
PP Yarn

Broad experience with PP Yarns

Within the field of polypropylene based cable filler and armouring yarns, HEC-Holland has a broad experience We offer colored and white PP yarns within a standard range of 1.5 up to 30.0 mm diameter. Other diameters are possible upon request.

Our PP (polypropylene) filler and armouring yarns are produced under the highest production and quality standards specified under ISO-9001 and produced from 100% virgin PP material without recycle or CaCo3, white or colored. For armouring yarns we have diverse colors such as yellow, orange, white, green and red.


Our PP (polypropylene) filler and armouring yarns meet the highest standards as per our customer requirements and guarantee a long service life.  This makes them applicable in harsh and challenging environments, where only the best materials are allowed. And this all  offered to you at economic and attractive pricing versus other alternative products within this service segment.

Furthermore, our materials are resistant against high processing temperatures when used for example in combination with bitumen. They are able to withstand the kinetic friction forces when the cable construction is transported over roller banks/tracks, cranes or beams, or being coiled up in so-called cable pits or (un)loaded on drums or turntables.

Optimal logistical process

We deliver our material on high quality tubes, spools or drum. In order to optimize the process we make long lengths per unit.

In cable projects in-time delivery and flexibility are important factors to maintain an optimal process. Our experienced logistical team makes sure your cable projects stays optimal. 


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