Fiber Reinforced Polymer - FRP

FRP manufacturer

HEC-Holland boasts extensive experience in supplying Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rods to the cable industry.

As a distinguished partner of one of the world’s largest and most reputable manufacturers, HEC-Holland aligns with a supplier renowned for pioneering non-metallic optical fiber strength technologies. This partnership ensures the production of top-tier FRP rods that are both high-quality and economically advantageous.

Design, development and manufacturing

All essential production components, including molders and resins, are autonomously designed, developed, and manufactured. Every batch from the factory undergoes a comprehensive range of mechanical and aging tests, ensuring optimal performance of our FRP rods in various conditions, including extreme environments.

Standard and custom rods

We offer a comprehensive selection of standard FRP rods commonly employed in various applications. Additionally, we specialize in custom FRP rods featuring unique designs such as high tensile strength, specialized coatings for water resistance, unconventional shapes, extended lengths, and other tailored FRP products. Each product is furnished with distinct measurements, prints, and/or colors to facilitate differentiation during both production and installation phases.

Continuous product enhancement is integral to our approach. In addition to refining rod types and designs, we constantly evaluate improvements, including packaging solutions. Our overarching objective is to deliver sustainable, high-quality products that optimize your production processes and provide the most effective solution for your needs.

High-quality materials

We insist on using only the finest raw materials in the production of our Fiber Reinforced Polymer. This includes top-grade E-glass fibers that are carefully impregnated with proprietary resin blends. These blends ensure that the products exhibits the necessary design, shape, and smoothness required to facilitate signal transmission through fiber optic cable constructions without any issues.

Our manufacturing process adheres to the highest standards, employing advanced “eye to sky” or “eye to wall” feeding systems. These systems, coupled with state-of-the-art curing equipment and stringent end control measures, guarantee the delivery of premium quality FRP from our local stock in Europe. Each drum is meticulously coded or labeled for personalized identification, ensuring timely delivery and preventing the risk of overstocking. With our commitment to maintaining ample local stock for swift distribution, our customers can rely on prompt and efficient service.


For more information on our products, please contact us. Our team is more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities we provide.