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Metalized Tapes & Foils as effective insulation

Our assortment of metalized tapes & foils provide effective insulation and/or shielding meeting the international standards and requirements of our customers.

Our aluminium and steel tapes/foils are an excellent medium for providing long-term protection against all naturally occurring elements found above and beneath the ground.

MV and HV energy cables and Fiber optic cables

With the support of our partners, HEC-Holland is a preferred supplier within the market of cable shielding and insulation wraps. We offer products for medium- and high-voltage energy cables, as well as fiber optic cables for telecommunication.

Acting as a shield, aluminium tapes, aluminium foils and steel tapes are protecting electric and communication cables against moisture, heat, light, humidity, corrosion, rodent destruction as well as mechanical and/or electric stresses. Moreover, they serve as a thermal insulation against flame and fire and protect the cable against magnetic and radio frequency emissions related to electric cables. Within fiber optic cable applications our aluminium and steel tapes make, due to their electrical conductivity, cables traceable which saves time for installers and prevents cable damage.

Better bonding with outer sheath

An additional advantage of our aluminium foils and steel tapes is that they contain a suitable copolymer PE coating which improves the bonding of the outer sheath against the aluminium surface.

We convert our materials according to your request, in the length of your desire. As a result this leads to a reduction of scrap material. For quick and swift delivery, we always keep a stock of all these materials. All our tapes meet the highest standards and are RoHS and REACH compliant.

We deliver our tapes at continuous stable quality and at favorable commercial conditions. As well as giving the best thinkable logistical and technical service and support.

Research & Development

Our product development and research team collaborate with cable manufacturers and process engineers within the cable industry. We often leverage support from independent research institutes to enhance our cable tape solutions. It is imperative to constantly innovate to meet evolving design and process needs in the dynamic cable market, ensuring our success.

Our tapes find application across various cable segments, including data/telecom, power, subsea and heavy-duty environments.

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