Cable powder

Product specialties

HEC-Holland not only provides a wide array of polyolefins and raw materials but also offers other materials commonly used in the cable industry. These categories have been grouped under our product specialties, which include the following product lines:

Super absorbent powder (SAP)

Our revolutionary Super Absorbent Powder (SAP), widely recognized as waterblocking powder is meticulously crafted as an optimal particle size blend tailored to meet the stringent requirements of cable manufacturers. Our SAP exhibits great waterblocking capabilities with swift action and gel stability, all while maintaining minimal dust levels. Available in convenient 25 kg bags or sturdy 80-100 kg drums.

Explore further details about this groundbreaking product in the dedicated section of our product line, which includes a comprehensive technical data overview. For additional technical and commercial insights, as well as inquiries about our offerings, feel free to reach out to our experienced sales engineer.

Cable Filling Gels

HEC-Holland offers a wide range of petrol- and thixotropic gel compound solutions suitable for filling and flooding applications.

Our yellowish copper cable gel compounds serve as waterblocking agents for copper-based cables, including data and LAN cables. They are also utilized as filling compounds for OPGW and subsea cable constructions.

For fiber optic cables, our thixotropic gel compounds are employed as filling and flooding materials in loose tube and slotted fiber optic cable constructions. They act as buffers to prevent attenuation, enhance stability, and elasticity, while also providing corrosion resistance against air (sealing) and longitudinal water blocking. These compounds have a transparent whitish appearance. Our products come in steel drums weighing approximately 170 ~ 180 kg per barrel.

For more detailed information, refer to the dedicated section on this product line, including technical data overview. Feel free to contact our team for further technical and commercial details and to explore our capabilities.

FRP rods

We offer a comprehensive selection of FRP rods, ranging from standard to specialized varieties such as those with high tensile strength, coatings for water resistance, unique shapes, extended lengths, and other customized FRP products. Each one distinguished with specific measurements, prints, and/or colors to facilitate production and installation.

The entire process, from designing to manufacturing essential components like molds and resins, is carried out in-house. Every batch leaving our facility undergoes rigorous mechanical and aging tests to ensure optimal performance even in challenging conditions.

Our FRP rods can be tailored to various lengths to streamline your production process, accommodating specific needs such as labeling, coding, coloring, or printing upon request.

For more details on our product line and technical specifications, please go to the FRP webpage. Contact our team for further technical and commercial inquiries and to explore our capabilities.