Cable Yarns


Range of Cable Yarns

HEC-Holland offers a diverse selection yarns tailored for the cable industry. These yarns serve multiple purposes, including waterblockingstrengthening, acting as stripping element, binding cables or segments, longitudinally waterblocking conductors or cable constructions, and serving as cable fillers or protecting/identifying element in subsea cables.

Our cable yarns are designed to meet customer specifications within the parameters of specific cable design or standards. We provide:

PE Yarns

For our waterblocking yarns we have an economic version range and a more highly engineered product range – depending on the cable design, type of production process and/or cable standard. Within each product range we have a selection on mechanical and water absorption requirements.

Our PE based waterblocking yarns are used for waterblocking stranded conductors, a segment or full cable construction against water ingress. For Fiber Optic Cables we have various longitudinal waterblocking solutions either by blowing into the tubes or laid crosslay over the cable construction. All our materials are designed to fit your production process and have fast and stable swelling properties and high tenancy. 

Glass yarn

Glass Yarns

HEC-Holland distributes high-quality yarns produced by partners with a long track-record in producing high-quality materials that meet the demands of the cable market.

Our innovative solutions meet customers’ requirements and does not stop at the product itself. We at HEC focus on durable, sustainable packaging and labelling and offer on-demand services.

Mechanical forces are key during installation operations within the cable and wire market. Glass yarns have good characteristics, including high tensile strength and good dimensional stability. 

Beyond the low weight versus the strength, our glass yarns are also impervious against corrosion. Thus guaranteeing long service life and heat resistance properties. This makes them applicable for harsh and challenging environments, where only the best materials are allowed. 

We offer this at economic and attractive pricing versus other alternative products within this service segment.

Glass Fiber Yarn types

Our glass fiber yarns can be used for reinforcing cables – HEC-Holland has various types of glass yarns for each application depending on customer needs. 

We offer the following versions to meet each individual cable requirement:


Uncoated glass fiber yarns

Urethane coated glass fiber yarns

Waterblocking urethane coated glass fiber yarns

SUPRA version which is a coated reinforced glass fiber yarn

(recognizable by the yellow color)

PP Yarns

HEC-Holland has a broad experience within the field of polypropylene based cable filler and armouring yarns. We offer colored and white pp yarns within a standard range of 1.5 up to 30.0 mm in diameter. Other diameters are possible upon request.

Our PP (polypropylene) filler and armouring yarns are produced under the highest production and quality standards specified under ISO-9001 and produced from 100% virgin PP material without recycle or CaCo3, white or colored. 

The armouring yarns are possible to produce in diverse colors such as yellow, orange, white, green and red.

Our PP (polypropylene) filler and armouring yarns meet the highest standards as per our customer requirements, and guarantee a long service life. This make them applicable in harsh and challenging environments, where only the best materials are allowed. 

We offer all this at economic and attractive pricing versus other alternative products within this service segment.

Furthermore, our materials are resistant against high processing temperatures when used for example in combination with bitumen. They are able to withstand the kinetic friction forces when the cable construction is transported over roller banks/tracks, cranes or beams, or coiled up in so-called cable pits or (un)loaded on drums or turntables.

We deliver our materials on high quality tubes, spools or drums. In order to optimize the process we make long lengths per unit.

Optimal logistics

In cable projects in-time delivery and flexibility are important factors to maintain an optimal process. Our experienced logistics department makes sure your cable projects stays optimal. 

PP Yarn