Data & Control

Fast travel in communication

Multimedia communication impacts every aspect of our daily life. The Data & Control sector needs products which are reliable and lets the data run quickly through the data- and communication cables. Our copper and fibre-optic cable technologies and communication make sure data travels quickly and reliably from the transmitter to the receiver.

Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The CPR is a European Union (EU) regulation that was implemented to harmonize the performance standards and requirements for construction products across the member states of the EU. The in- and outdoor land and marine cables are frequently installed in challenging environments. Being exposed to harsh environments and mechanical conditions, cables always have to perform at their very best. Throughout the lifespan certified as per Construction Products Regulation (CPR) and/or any other specific or internal standard or norm.

Data & Control cables
Data & Control Industries HEC Holland 3

Cable types and sectors

HEC-Holland has a broad range of products which are applicable to produce (hybrid) data & control, instrument and sensoring cables. These products consist of telecom, automation, railway and signaling cables.

In addition, our products are also suitable for cables for renewable energy, plant construction, rural and industrial applications, such as process control and surveillance systems.

We give advice on materials, cost reduction and sustainability

Our team is there for you to give you the best advice on which material you should use for your cable design. In our advice we always take into account cost reduction, sustainability and optimal performance for you project. But also how to better contribute to society and the environment.

For more technical and commercial information and our possibilities, please contact us.