Glass Yarns

Glass yarn

High-quality glass yarns

HEC-Holland distributes high-quality through its longstanding partnership with a renowned producer known for consistently manufacturing top-tier quality products tailored for the cable market’s needs.

Our innovative solutions meet customers demands in product quality and also extend cutting-edge packaging, labeling, and on-demand services.

Our products boast high tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability and other preferred attributes crucial in the wire and cable industry. Especially where mechanical forces play a pivotal role during installation operations.

Premium Glass Yarns:
Cost-Effective durability

Our offer more than just a balance between lightweight  and high strength; they are also impervious to corrosion, ensuring a prolonged service life. Additionally, they possess heat-resistant properties, making them suitable for use in harsh and challenging environments where only top-quality materials can consistently perform and ensure longevity. 

Furthermore, our glass yarns are economically priced, providing a cost-effective alternative compared to other products in the wire and cable sector. 

Various types

Our glass fiber yarns can be used for reinforcing cables – HEC-Holland has various types of glass yarns for each application depending on customer needs. 

We offer the following versions to meet each individual cable requirement:

Uncoated glass fiber yarns

Urethane coated glass fiber yarns

Waterblocking urethane coated glass fiber yarns

SUPRA version which is a coated reinforced glass fiber yarn

(recognizable by the yellow color)