Quality Standards

All our suppliers went not only through our intense and thoroughly internal approval process but are holding the necessary certification in regard to safeguard production control, safety, usage of feedstocks and environmental behavior.

For as well as our polyolefin or raw cable material suppliers we require that they not only carry out the above during auditing session but continuously day in day out, throughout the year.

Certification such as ISO, REACH, RoHS are common standards within our organization, our partners and their partners.

Within the whole chain is this required to safeguard and guarantee a good quality product which obey by the official rules and regulations.

But also to our own company standards – which matters as being a responsible partner within the wire and cable industry like HEC-Holland.

Certification REACH Compliance
Certification ISO 9001-2015
Certification ISO 14001-2015
Certification ISO 18001-2007
Certification RoHS Compliant
Certification REACH Compliant

Contact & more information

For more information please contact our office:
+31 (0)26 379 2767 – info@hec-holland.com