The maximum of aluminum

Mica tapes

Aluminum prices keep on rising, aluminum isn’t available, aluminum stocks have fallen to critical levels” just a handful of headlines out of the news from the past year. Due to a broad variety of reasons the prices of all raw materials, including aluminum keep on rising and availability is getting less. Of course, the wire and cable market is seeing the disadvantages of these developments.

Right at the start of this situation, HEC saw an opportunity instead of a threat. HEC Shanghai Office kept on building the relationship with our aluminum supplier, which has been leading to ongoing supplies for a good price. In the same time, our supplier has been looking into their supply chain. They made sure the supply chain was optimized for a solid corporation with HEC-Holland.

This collaboration, combined with the ability to slit aluminum tapes in The Netherlands (after the purchase of an aluminum cutter last year), made HEC-Holland a stable factor in the market.

Currently, HEC is still able to supplier her customer which is something we are very proud of.

In the future, we will keep collaborating with our partners to be able to deliver the best quality, for the best price in any market situation. In this way, we are sure we won’t let our customers down.

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XIAO BAO collaboration HEC-Holland

XIAO BAO collaboration HEC-Holland

New partnership for FRP’s

We are pleased to announce HEC-Holland has entered into a new partnership for FRP’s with the esteemed company Xiao Bao, who is a leading manufacturer of all kind of FRP and Rods.

Besides the standard and upjacket FRP versions, Xiao Bao also produces special FRP versions for anti-rodent protection and armouring FRP to replace (partly) galvanized steel wires which enables subsea power cable producers to enter a new era of cables laying at greater depths.


Besides above product ranges Xiao Bao also produces specialties such as Carbon Fiber Composite Cores as supporting element for overhead cables and high voltage insulation rods.

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