Supplier of semi-conductive compounds

TSC - supplier of semi-conductive compounds

Supplier of semi-conductive compounds

TSC is HEC-Holland’s supplier for semi-conductive compounds for the European cable and wire market. They are a proven supplier in the market of thermoplastic and thermoset insulation semiconductive compounds. TSC (Total Solution for Compounding) is established in 1968 and can rely on over 50 years of experience in compounding. They are developing and manufacturing their products in the Korean Peninsula.

Quality assurance and product selection

At HEC-Holland quality is of great importance. All our suppliers must therefore meet a number of quality tests before we collaborate. Therefore, we have done several laboratory scale and industrialization tests to ensure the quality of the products and processes of TSC.

During the past year we have tested multiple measurements such as, IEC standard and Cenelec HD 620 2 Y 50 Hz test, including VDE level. Also the accelerated test of 3.000 hrs/ 500 Hz has been part of our testing programme. All our thermoplast en thermoset semi-conductive insulation compounds passed the strict tests.

We are pleased to announce that we have commercialized the products listed below for several of our customers and they are already used in their cable design. And, we keep on building up the customer base in the European market for the products and materials provided by TSC Korea.

TSC products

  • HEC-SC-230 – MV semicon – adhesive insulation compound
  • HEC-SC-250 – MV semicon – bonded insulation compound
  • HEC-SC-330 – MV semicon – strippable insulation compound
  • HEC-SC-600 – SC sheathing jacketing compound

More information

Sample material for lab testing and/or industrial homologation trails are available upon your request. For more technical information you can contact us in order to receive detailed Product Data Sheets.

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The availability of aluminum

Aluminium tape

“Aluminum prices keep on rising”, “aluminum isn’t available”, “aluminum stocks have fallen to critical levels”. These are just a handful of headlines out of the news from the past year. Due to a broad variety of reasons the prices of all raw materials, including aluminum keep on rising and the availability of aluminum is getting less. This also affects the wire and cable market and we as supplier of materials specific for the cable and wire market are seeing the disadvantages these developments bring with them.

Right at the start of this situation, HEC saw an opportunity instead of a threat. Our HEC Shanghai Office kept on building a good and solid relationship with our aluminum supplier. This lead to ongoing supplies of aluminum at a good price. In the same time, our supplier has been looking into their own supply chain. They made sure the supply chain was optimized for a solid cooperation with HEC-Holland.

This collaboration, combined with the ability to slit aluminum tapes in our own warehouse in The Netherlands (after the purchase of an aluminum cutter last year), made HEC-Holland a stable factor in the market.

Currently, HEC is able to keep the availability of aluminum up and supply the customer with the needed materials, which is something we are very proud of.

We will keep collaborating with our partners to be able to deliver the best quality, for the best price. This way, we are sure we won’t let our customers down.

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Xiao Bao collaboration with HEC-Holland

Xiao Bao collaboration HEC-Holland

New partnership for Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

HEC-Holland is thrilled to announce its new partnership with the renowned company Xiao Bao, a leading manufacturer specializing in a wide array of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP). The collaboration brings about a transformative change in the FRP industry, with a focus on innovation and diversification.

Expanding Horizons: Special FRP Solutions

In addition to the standard and upjacket FRP versions, Xiao Bao also produce special solutions specifically for anti-rodent protection and armor-plating. One of their expertises is producing FRP that can effectively replace galvanized steel wires, particularly in subsea power cable applications. This advancement paves the way for subsea power cable producers to venture into uncharted territories. It makes it possible to lay cables at greater depths, revolutionizing the industry.

Xiao Bao’s specialties

Apart from the standard line of FRP products, Xiao Bao offers a range of specialties unique in the market. One such specialty is the production of Carbon Fiber Composite Cores, which serve as a vital supporting element for overhead cables. These cores have great strength and durability, making them a preferred choice for critical applications. In addition, Xiao Bao manufactures high voltage insulation rods, further showcasing their commitment to innovation and high-quality FRP solutions.

The partnership between HEC-Holland and Xiao Bao is a milestone for both companies. With Xiao Bao’s expertise in specialized FRP solutions and innovative products, HEC-Holland can look forward to a new era of possibilities, ensuring enhanced performance, durability, and versatility in various applications for the cable industry. This collaboration is a testament to both companies’ commitment to advancing the FRP industry and pushing the boundaries of what is achievable.

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If you are interested in our supplier and what their products can do for your project(s)? Our account managers are eager to give an online presentation and tell you about the possibilities.

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Working visit to Hanwha

working visit to Hanwha

Working visit to Hanwha

This September, a team of HEC-Holland made a tour with one of our valuable customers to South Korea for a working visit to Hanwha Chemical. The Main purpose of this trip was to further extend our collaboration with our partner.

in addition, we where eager to see the new expansion Hanwha is making on the production of crosslinkable polyethylene (XLPE). At their production site in Yeosu -in the South of the Korean peninsula – the ground-breaking ceremony took place.


XLPE capacity

The new fully automated production system gives way for a further grow in our XLPE capacity. The completion of the production site is expected by 2021 ~ early 2022. Along with this expansion Hanwha is also investing in an automated warehouse, especially dedicated for their Wire and Cable products. This also will be ready at the same time.

Hanwha is a strong global player in the Cable and Wire Industry and sees an overall increase in needs of their products and aims high on sustainability and has a clear vision for a brigher future. To showcase this and their intentions, they are building a new HQ in downtown Seoul. Their new office is near completion and ready for the 21st century. The building features are astonishing, with solar panels fully integrated in the exterior of the building. Which where produced by Hanwha’s sister company called Q-Cell.

Focus on Europe

Hanwha took great care of us and made sure the visit was one to remember. For this memorable and special occassion they reserved their very own company helicopter to transport the team of HEC-Holland and our valuable customers. We as HEC-Holland are confident that our partner Hanwha Chemical is ready to further roll out their strategy for Europe, and strengthen the presence within the Wire and Cable market especially in Europe.

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Working Visit Hanwha
Working visit Hanwha plane
Logo Hanwha

Collaboration with SHWX

SHWX handshake

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Fu – CEO of Shanghai WangXun New Material (SHWX in short) and Mr. Lurkin – managing director of HEC-Holland have officially signed a collaboration agreement. The official signature ceremony is a big step towards a joint collaboration between two esteemed companies. We as HEC are very please with the new collaboration.

Shanghai WangXun New Material (SHWX)

With the new expansion in China, HEC-Holland and SHWX further increases their market share within the European market of the cable and wire industry. The new local capacity will get into place within the first quarter of 2020 to serve our customers. On the newly made collaboration Mr. Lurkin commented: “This partnership is a big step forwards for both companies. The European cable industry will benefit greatly from this collaboration. Not only will it give more flexibility on the market, lead times of quality products will also get shorter”.

Tailormade convert

At the same time of the collaboration, HEC-Holland further invested into their converting station in Tilburg, Netherlands. We are extending the product lines and the capacity. We are now able to tailormade convert as to the customers wishes and desires. To achieve this we invested in a new state-of-the-art slitting machine. This new machine is able to handle and convert the requested sizes on aluminium tapes up to 4.100 meter per pad.

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SHWX team
Aluminum, SHWX