Improved productivity and ergonomics in our production warehouse

Improved productivity and ergonomics

At HEC-Holland we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our business processes and improve the working conditions for our employees. With the purchase of an industrial manipulator for our production warehouse in Tilburg we have taken another step in this direction. This improved productivity and ergonomics significantly.

Improved productivity

The introduction of the Dalmec pneumatic manipulator in our warehouse means a significant increase in working speed. This device is specifically designed to handle heavy and bulky loads. With the Dalmec, our employees can now work faster and more efficiently. This allows us to increase our production capacity and serve our customers even better.

Ergonomic and Safe

One of the biggest advantages of the Dalmec Partner Equo is the ergonomic support it offers our employees. Lifting and moving heavy cable tapes is physically demanding. But with the help of the pneumatic manipulator we are significantly reducing this burden. This prevents work-related injuries, but also ensures that our employees can work more comfortably and safely. It is equipped with several safety mechanisms that ensure that it is safe to use, even when handling the heaviest loads.

Flexibility and Precision

The Dalmec Partner Equo gives us the flexibility to perform a wide range of tasks. For example, with the different grippers and attachments we can handle various types of cable tapes and other materials without having to change equipment. And the precision with which this balancer operates is another major advantage. The system provides precise control over the movement of the load. This is essential for cutting and handling cable tapes with the high accuracy that our customers expect.

Future-oriented Investment

HEC is continuously looking for new innovations to make the production warehouse excel and to offer our employees a safe and pleasant working environment. The addition of the Dalmec is part of our drive to continue to grow and innovate.

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Investing in Excellence: Product training for our staff

HEC staff in product training

HEC-Holland has been adding extra value to the chain for over 15 years. Our cutting-edge slitting facility in Tilburg, the Netherlands, is dedicated to providing converting solutions tailored for the cable and wire industry. In order to keep high quality standards in our production facility, Kurt fulfilled a product training.


In our cutting-edge slitting facility, precision meets efficiency. Specializing in tailored solutions, we employ a make-to-order strategy to meet your unique requirements. Our adept team excels at slitting, cutting and winding cable tapes and foils. From polyester-based tapes, with or without swelling properties, we deliver customized dimensions, guaranteeing each product aligns with your exact specifications. Our slitting facility is capable of slitting a broad range of cable tapes and foils, including: PE, PET, PP-Foamed, Mica and different kinds of metals (copper, aluminium and steel). With a commitment to quality and modern technology, our facility stands at the forefront of the industry. We promise to deliver excellence in every slit, cut, and wind.

Product Training for HEC staff

Kurt, our production manager, oversees all processes within the slitting facility. Together with his colleagues, he is passionate to coordinate tailor-made solutions for our customers. In order to uphold the quality standards of our production facility, it is important our staff stays updated with the latest knowledge and experience keeping our facility in an optimal state.

Therefore, our production manager travelled to our suppliers in China together with our product manager, immersing themselves in an extensive training on slitting various materials used for cable tapes and foils. The training sessions, spanning multiple days and multiple suppliers, covered every production step, from setting up machines, installing knives, slitting material to handling and troubleshooting. This comprehensive training equips our team to navigate through the process of transforming raw materials into personalized end-user products.

Building partnerships: Special thanks to our Suppliers

In extending our gratitude to our suppliers, we acknowledge their commitment to the growth and proficiency of our staff. The training not only deepened our technical expertise but also fostered discussions about material quality and production challenges. These dialogues contribute to mutual improvement, enhancing the value we provide to our customers.

Together we connect the world of tomorrow!