New distribution center

New distribution centre in Goch, Germany 2

New Distribution Center

In line with our dedication to meeting customer needs, we have embarked on a significant expansion endeavor. As highlighted in our recent newsletter, we are thrilled to announce the construction of a new distribution center. This center has two production halls. Our converting and slitting capacity is considerally bolstered with this new addition. In addition, this strategic investment aims to elevate our position within the cable and wire industry. Moreover, we recognize the critical importance of efficient warehousing and distribution. To this end, we initiate the construction of two state-of-the-art warehouses that will effectively double our storage capacity, encompassing a generous 5,000 square meters. By July this year these new warehouses will be ready, marking a pivotal milestone in our company’s journey.

The expansion represents a significant stride forward in our commitment to innovation. By consolidating our services at a single location, we anticipate a boost in production speed and greater flexibility in managing order intakes and delivery schedules. These enhancements directly benefit our clientele in the cable and wire industry.

Furthermore, we are proud to announce the addition of a cutting-edge distribution center to our network. Compliant with the latest industry standards, this distribution center complements our existing facilities in Europe. Our distribution centers across Europe serve as pivotal hubs for serving our clients effectively and efficiently. We did strategically position the centers in Helsinki, Finland, the Jönköping region in Sweden, and the recent in Goch, Germany.

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If you are keen to witness our operational excellence and how we manufacture your high-quality tapes or experience our state-of-the-art slitting services, we extend a warm invitation to you. Please reach out to us, and we will arrange a tour and share the innovations that drive our success in the cable and wire industry.

New Converting and Distribution Center Goch

Converting and distribution centre Goch 2

Converting and distribution center Goch

With great pleasure we announce that we have bought several converting lines in Goch, Germany. The new converting and distribution center in Goch will be in operation in Q1 2020. Here we will produce tailor-made end products and PE and PP based tapes.

HEC-Holland keeps on increasing the production and storage capacities to satisfy the customer base. We strive to create high quality products and deliver excellent services that meet wishes of our customers. All for competitive price settings and delivered according to the Just-In-Time principle.

2 newly built production locations

In total we have extended our converting capacity with 2 newly built production locations. Here we separate the metal-based production from other products in order to avoid cross contamination. This could potentially influence the properties within the end product.

Third location on the way

We are already building an extra production facility due to our expanding endeavors across the globe. The third newly built location will be our own warehouse where we are able to store all our own materials. The storage capacity will be up to 4.500 metric ton* for the continental part of Europe. This is aside from our 2 nordic locations in Helsinki, Finland and in the Jönköping region in Sweden.

Converting and distribution centre Goch

*Hanwha Chemical compounds are stored at different locations

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If you interested in more information about this article or our warehouses, please contact with one of our account managers. Our team is more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities we provide.