Improved productivity and ergonomics in our production warehouse

Improved productivity and ergonomics

At HEC-Holland we are constantly looking for ways to optimize our business processes and improve the working conditions for our employees. With the purchase of an industrial manipulator for our production warehouse in Tilburg we have taken another step in this direction. This improved productivity and ergonomics significantly.

Improved productivity

The introduction of the Dalmec pneumatic manipulator in our warehouse means a significant increase in working speed. This device is specifically designed to handle heavy and bulky loads. With the Dalmec, our employees can now work faster and more efficiently. This allows us to increase our production capacity and serve our customers even better.

Ergonomic and Safe

One of the biggest advantages of the Dalmec Partner Equo is the ergonomic support it offers our employees. Lifting and moving heavy cable tapes is physically demanding. But with the help of the pneumatic manipulator we are significantly reducing this burden. This prevents work-related injuries, but also ensures that our employees can work more comfortably and safely. It is equipped with several safety mechanisms that ensure that it is safe to use, even when handling the heaviest loads.

Flexibility and Precision

The Dalmec Partner Equo gives us the flexibility to perform a wide range of tasks. For example, with the different grippers and attachments we can handle various types of cable tapes and other materials without having to change equipment. And the precision with which this balancer operates is another major advantage. The system provides precise control over the movement of the load. This is essential for cutting and handling cable tapes with the high accuracy that our customers expect.

Future-oriented Investment

HEC is continuously looking for new innovations to make the production warehouse excel and to offer our employees a safe and pleasant working environment. The addition of the Dalmec is part of our drive to continue to grow and innovate.

Would you like to visit our production warehouse in Tilburg and experience our production processes? Please contact us.

CRU Wire and Cable 2024 Conference

CRU Wire and Cable 2024 conference
CRU Wire & Cable 2024 Conference is a leading event, bringing together the international metallic wire and cable community. The event is being held in Amsterdam 24-26 June 2024. HEC-Holland is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of this esteemed event.

Igniting Innovation, Powering the Future

The event will focus on the pivotal role of the wire and cable manufacturers in shaping the future of power generation, renewable energy, electrification, and the evolution of power grids.

Energy and electrification are two key topics which will shape the world over the coming decades. Wires and cables lay at the centre of this topic, transporting energy to booming demand applications while remaining exposed to geopolitical challenges, supply chain uncertainty and an ever-changing labour market. The wire and cable industry has the ability to weather economic challenges and innovate to continue its role as the backbone of the global energy transformation.

Visit the CRU Conference

The event will address key challenges and opportunities facing the wire and cable, including:

  • the impact of rising costs and inflation on the wire and cable industry & pathways to recovery,
  • growth opportunities, markets & novel technology trends,
  • the importance of transitioning to eco-friendly and recyclable materials,
  • how to thrive amidst increased competition and access global opportunities,
  • revolutionising the wire and cable manufacturing with digital integration and AI solutions,
  • Special focus: power grid infrastructure, on- and offshore wind, and solar farms, automotive and avionics, modular cable architecture and winding wire.

Mark your calendars, visit our stand and let’s connect at the CRU Wire & Cable 2024 Conference!

For more information and to register to this event visit the conference website

Tape Workshop 2022

Tape workshop 2022 HEC-Holland

Visit the Tape workshop

We want to welcome you to join our Cable Tape workshop in June 2022 in our home country, the Netherlands. During the last years much expertise has been lost, due to natural reasons such as, reorganisations, retirement of experts or shift to other strategic expertise fields.

We see this as an opportunity to show you why HEC-Holland is your partner in the cable industry. We want to connect the professionals in the world of cables and invite them all to interact with each other. And as an organization with extensive knowledge in the cable industry we want to teach and inspire you. By creating a tape workshop we hope we can get engineers in the field of cables to come together in one place and help each other and inform on relevant topics in order to make your cable projects a success now and in the future.

Workshop programme

In this Tape workshop we will talk about the different aspects of several types of tapes. The themes include, for instance, norms and standards of tapes as cable materials. We also provide you with advices on how to process, use and optimize the choice of one or a combination of tapes in order to reduce costs and to increase effectiveness of the tape (combinations). 

The HEC-Holland Tape workshop will be primarily for process, design and strategic technical procurement engineers.

The workshop will be a 2-day course and besides our own technical engineers, there will also be other experts in the field of cables who will attend as speakers.

Find detailed information on this event in this special Tape workshop June 2022 flyer.

Register for the tape workshop

Are you interested in in attending our workshop, then click on the link below and tell us who will visit the workshop and we will book your place. 

Important! We have limited availability so book early to guarantee your place, preferably before 1st Februar 2022.

Looking forward seeing you at our workshop.

Kind regards,

TEAM HEC-Holland

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The Final Countdown for local Aluminum Converting

Aluminum, SHWX

Aluminum Converting

HEC-Holland is looking forward that within Q2-2021 it will be the time to celebrate together the start of our local production of aluminum tape at our newly build production facility in Goch, Germany. Thus starts the production of aluminum converting to maintain a stable stream of aluminum tapes for our customers.

Last year the production line and equipment arrived at our newly build hall. However, at that time the Corona Lockdown came. This unfortunately stopped all preparation and installing of the new state of the art aluminum slitting line. Several months passed by and as of Q3-2020, our team of Dutch and German engineers started to take over a part of the commission from our counterpart. The last part needs to be performed under the supervision of our partner from which we bought the machine. However, due to the latest lockdown which started mid-December we have to wait till the final installation works can be completed.

The new state-of-the-art slitting machine is capable of handling and converting the requested sizes on aluminum tapes. We are able to convert up to 4.100 meter per pad, within average 2-3 weeks lead-time from order intake. More information is to follow on the exact date when our production goes live.

We are proud to say that this will have an impact on the European cable industry which can benefit from Asian price settings and the European expertise, flexibility, and short lead times of high-end quality products.

More information?

If any questions arise, please feel free to contact us. Our account managers will be more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities.

A New Milestone on Storage capacity & Production

storage capacity and production warehouse in Goch, Germany

Storage Capacity and Production in Goch, Germany

Last year was a rollercoaster for all of us. Our wish for the coming year will be a one full of optimism, hope and prosperity. For a bright future with supportive atmosphere for all of us. At HEC-Holland we are starting this year full of excitement for new things to come and with lots of plans with our customers and suppliers. Our ambition is to continuously improve ourselves in all aspects in light to give the best support to our partners. One important part for our new year is the much needed increase of our storage and production capacity.

We are proud to share with you an update regarding one of our strategic situated distribution centres at Goch, Germany. With the newly build expansion on warehouse storage and production capacity, we marked a new milestone in our journey.

Warehouse Goch

We have doubled our storage capacity to approximately 5.000 metric ton on storage space. Supervised by our latest ERP software technology, we are now able to remotely monitor our production and supply chain system. This will bring our service to a new faster and more effective level. This leads to higher speed and more flexibility in delivery of your well appreciated orders.

In our warehouse in Goch we have modern machines and high quality equipment. We are capable for the process of cutting, shaping, packing, labelling and delivery according to the customers needs. At our non-woven department, we are able to deliver 1,30m on the outer diameter pads. This creates flexibility at your production by having less production stops.

Please also read our article about our aluminum converting to take a closer look on how the process on one of the machines is developing.

Your logistical partner

We are proud of our important added values for you as a customer. We can ensure an optimal logistical process to suit the needs of you as our customer. HEC-Holland is your global logistical partner. We have warehouses in Germany, in Helsinki, Finland and also Jönköping in Sweden. And because we can maintain a large stock we are able to deliver according to the JIT (Just In Time principle)

More info?

Do you need more info on our warehouses or do you have another question? Please feel free to contact us.

Converting solutions

converting solutions

Converting solutions

At our dedicated converting facilities, we produce and customize our customers’ tapes and yarns according to their specific needs. Our converting specialists have profound experience and knowledge of the cable industry. We fully understand your production requirements and your demands regarding process optimization. Thus we are capable of providing you with converting solutions to meet your demands.

Whether it concerns winding standard or specialty bobbins, mother rolls, pads or spools, HEC-Holland offers converting services into any required size, with the very best all-round converting solutions of the cable industry.

At our facilities, fully automated machines take care of your order. They use multiple, specific cutting and winding techniques to produce the products for your cable. The converting specialists supervise the entire process continuously. HEC-Holland offers flexibility and customer satisfaction, no matter how specific your request is.

Tailor-made converting services: 

  • Cutting, winding, twining,
  • Labelling,
  • Packaging,
  • Shipping directly from our Dutch warehouse and delivery to you on the date you want.

We even offer completely integrated processing and packaging solutions, helping you to optimize your production process without unnecessary and costly interruptions. Our customers are served with the best converted materials in the industry, ready for your production.

 We make sure you will become one of our many happy customers!

More info?

Please feel free to contact us if you want more information on the possibilities we provide for you in our converting facility.

converting solutions machine
converting solutions

Aluminum PET foils range

aluminum PET foils range of HEC-Holland

New product: Aluminum PET foils

We are excited to share the latest addition to our product lineup – the innovative Aluminum PET foils, also known as alu-pet foils. These foils are designed primarily for use in electrical shielding and as robust chemical and mechanical barriers, particularly in data, signal, and specialized cable construction.

One of the notable features of our aluminum PET foils is their versatility in terms of winding options. You have the choice of winding the material onto pads or monostep spools, depending on your specific requirements. This flexibility ensures that the material can be seamlessly integrated into your production processes. What’s more, the material is easily customizable, enabling us to label and package it to your exact preferences and specifications. Thus provinding you with an operational workflow, making your job more efficient and hassle-free.

In our standard product portfolio, you will find the alu-pet foils available in single or double-sided combinations. These configurations provide excellent performance and durability for various applications. However, we understand that each customer may have unique demands, and we are ready to meet those needs. Our production capabilities allow us to create specialty versions of our foils that are specifically tailored to your requirements. This commitment to customization sets us apart as a true game changer in the cable and wire industry.

At our core, we are dedicated to delivering not just products but comprehensive solutions. Our commitment to technical excellence and cost-effectiveness is unwavering. We tirelessly explore innovative approaches to meet the evolving demands of the industry, ensuring that our customers receive the best value and performance possible.

Tailor-made services

In addition to our product range, we offer tailor-made services that are designed to complement your business operations seamlessly. With our in-house production facility, we guarantee fast delivery times, local slitting services, labeling, and packaging options that are aligned with your precise needs.

As we introduce our Aluminum PET foils, we aim to provide you with the tools and services needed to excel in your industry. We are excited about the possibilities this new addition brings. And look forward to working closely with you to find the best solutions to enhance your operations.

More info?

Please feel free to consult your account manager and ask for the possibilities our aluminum PET foils are able to give you. Or contact our head office.

Alu-Pet foil range HEC-Holland
Alu-Pet foil range HEC-Holland

New Converting and Distribution Center Goch

Converting and distribution centre Goch 2

Converting and distribution center Goch

With great pleasure we announce that we have bought several converting lines in Goch, Germany. The new converting and distribution center in Goch will be in operation in Q1 2020. Here we will produce tailor-made end products and PE and PP based tapes.

HEC-Holland keeps on increasing the production and storage capacities to satisfy the customer base. We strive to create high quality products and deliver excellent services that meet wishes of our customers. All for competitive price settings and delivered according to the Just-In-Time principle.

2 newly built production locations

In total we have extended our converting capacity with 2 newly built production locations. Here we separate the metal-based production from other products in order to avoid cross contamination. This could potentially influence the properties within the end product.

Third location on the way

We are already building an extra production facility due to our expanding endeavors across the globe. The third newly built location will be our own warehouse where we are able to store all our own materials. The storage capacity will be up to 4.500 metric ton* for the continental part of Europe. This is aside from our 2 nordic locations in Helsinki, Finland and in the Jönköping region in Sweden.

Converting and distribution centre Goch

*Hanwha Chemical compounds are stored at different locations

More information

If you interested in more information about this article or our warehouses, please contact with one of our account managers. Our team is more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities we provide.

Wire 2020 Düsseldorf (rescheduled)

Wire 2020 HEC-Holland and Hanwha

HEC Holland at Wire 2020 Düsseldorf

Due to the succes of our previous visits to the Wire in Düsseldorf, HEC-Holland will again be present at the Wire 2020 Dusseldorf. This edition we will be present at the booth of Hanwha Chemical, Deuk Young and Shanghai Wangxun.

The world’s biggest and most important forum of the industry’s experts – Wire 2020 – will present itself in Düsseldorf as the hub of the trade from 30th March – 3rd April 2020.

Hanwha chemical

Hanwha is pleased to announce that they are investing in their production facility of XLPE compounds. This will be completed by the end of 2021. This will lead to more production capacity for one of their core products. Also, Hanwha will implement a new automatic warehousing system. A big advantage of this development will be that this will improve the reduction on possible cross contamination.

Developments of Shanghai Wangxun & Deuk Young

Shanghai Wangxun is eager to visit the Wire in Düsseldorf. They have very interesting new product(ion) developments, which they will present at the fair. Deuk Young, another one of our suppliers, will also be present in Düsseldorf and present the latest developments in their production lines.

Wire Düsseldorf offers many key companies in the Cable and Wire Industry who will attend as exhibitioners on the trade fair. There are plenty of reasons to visit Wire and visit our stands and get the latest product and market updates!

Please get in touch with your account manager or our office for more information. We look forward to meet you at the Wire in Düsseldorf.

Wire 2020 HEC-Holland and Hanwha 2

Team HEC-Holland is present at:

Hanwha Chemical | Hall 1 – stand B71
Deuk Young | Hall 10 – stand B68
Shanghai Wangxun | Hall 11 – stand D54

Due to the Corona virus, the Wire 2020 has been moved to 7-11 December 2020.

The decade of electricity

decade of electricity

2020’s will be the decade of electricity

It does not surprise you that the coming decade will go into history as ‘the decade of electricity’. Many projects are being launched or being put on the drawing board. Wether it be on- or offshore renewable energy such as windfarms, hydro power, solar power or other alternative sources. They all focus on replacing fossil fuel power sources and reduce our footprint in the world.

Power generation

Electrification across key end users leads to a double demand of electricity by 2050. This is particularly driven by an increased demand in buildings and a general shift towards electricity as an energy source. Also road transportation is showing an incread demand for electricity. Wind and solar energy are rapidly gaining share in the capacity mix. In the past few years they accounted for more than half of the net capacity additions.
The generation of renewable energy is projected to account for more than 50% of the total power generation post 2030’s. This marks a clear trend break from historical fossil fuel-based generation.

Electric transportation

As the role of intermittent resources in total generation increases, power systems see strong growth balancing needs. Particularly when solar and wind generation combined reach a share beyond 30% commented by McK. 2 Key reasons are the costs versus effectiveness on renewables, which are getting more in favor towards fossil fuel – building solar or wind capacity becomes more of interest. At the same time the costs on storage capacity and the innovation on other storage capacity will decline further. Thus making it interesting to switch a big part of road transportation to electric. This applies for either passenger cars or trucks for the coming 5 to 10 years, thus within the 2020’s.

Sizeable production capacity

The first decade of the 20th century, where we are shifting towards renewables, is nearly at an end. We now enter into the second phase the energy transition with a visible shift into ‘the decade of electricity’. The politics need to take decisive decisions and steps to clear the road to start up the big projects. We face challenging times where some cable makers will have difficulties to make the right choices in order to be ready for the years to come.

Our conclusion: For now, there is a strong believe of having an overcapacity on the production of power cables in the market. But with the above aspirations, we think that a sizeable production capacity is required to achieve the ambitions for the biggest energy transition we have ever challenged.

More information?

If you interested in more information about this article and how we can help your company into the next decade?Please contact with one of our account managers. Our team is more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities we provide.