Greetings from our Production Leader Kurt

Kurt production leader HEC-Holland
Our expansion on storage capacity and production in Goch, Germany created a wish for some extra HEC-power. Since September 2020, Kurt Aarts is the new production leader / Head of warehousing, distribution and converting facilities at HEC-Holland. This young man at his 48’s is now part of our dedicated team.

Production leader Kurt

Kurt is the right person when most needed not only for HEC, but also for children and young adults who cannot live at home for several reasons. Outside of the workplace he takes care of these kids together with his family and enables a better daily life for those in need. There is no missing attitude towards work in Kurt as he also rebuilds and remodels the house of his family in spare time. All this indicates good organizational skills which is one of the reasons why Kurt is there to maintain effective distribution and production for our customers. Kurt emphasizes that, for instance, to secure in-time deliveries it is important that the production demand is regularly predicted and that planning stays flexible. The small and dynamic team of HEC-Holland manages this by ensuring short lines of communication within our departments.

Question of the day

As a game changer in the international wire and cable market, HEC-Holland has eased the daily basis in Goch with a new 100% electric company car and an electrical fork-lift. We were curious to ask Kurt which one of them he is more happy to drive with. His diplomatic answer: “I’m very happy to drive an electric car for HEC. The fork-lift, however, is also an indispensable asset. It allows us to stack goods quickly, easily, and flexibly transport them from A to B. So i like both actually.” Don’t hesitate to contact us in case of questions! You can also stay updated by following our company’s LinkedIn page.

The Final Countdown for local Aluminum Converting

Aluminum, SHWX

Aluminum Converting

HEC-Holland is looking forward that within Q2-2021 it will be the time to celebrate together the start of our local production of aluminum tape at our newly build production facility in Goch, Germany. Thus starts the production of aluminum converting to maintain a stable stream of aluminum tapes for our customers.

Last year the production line and equipment arrived at our newly build hall. However, at that time the Corona Lockdown came. This unfortunately stopped all preparation and installing of the new state of the art aluminum slitting line. Several months passed by and as of Q3-2020, our team of Dutch and German engineers started to take over a part of the commission from our counterpart. The last part needs to be performed under the supervision of our partner from which we bought the machine. However, due to the latest lockdown which started mid-December we have to wait till the final installation works can be completed.

The new state-of-the-art slitting machine is capable of handling and converting the requested sizes on aluminum tapes. We are able to convert up to 4.100 meter per pad, within average 2-3 weeks lead-time from order intake. More information is to follow on the exact date when our production goes live.

We are proud to say that this will have an impact on the European cable industry which can benefit from Asian price settings and the European expertise, flexibility, and short lead times of high-end quality products.

More information?

If any questions arise, please feel free to contact us. Our account managers will be more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities.

Collaboration with SHWX

SHWX handshake

We are pleased to announce that Mrs. Fu – CEO of Shanghai WangXun New Material (SHWX in short) and Mr. Lurkin – managing director of HEC-Holland have officially signed a collaboration agreement. The official signature ceremony is a big step towards a joint collaboration between two esteemed companies. We as HEC are very please with the new collaboration.

Shanghai WangXun New Material (SHWX)

With the new expansion in China, HEC-Holland and SHWX further increases their market share within the European market of the cable and wire industry. The new local capacity will get into place within the first quarter of 2020 to serve our customers. On the newly made collaboration Mr. Lurkin commented: “This partnership is a big step forwards for both companies. The European cable industry will benefit greatly from this collaboration. Not only will it give more flexibility on the market, lead times of quality products will also get shorter”.

Tailormade convert

At the same time of the collaboration, HEC-Holland further invested into their converting station in Tilburg, Netherlands. We are extending the product lines and the capacity. We are now able to tailormade convert as to the customers wishes and desires. To achieve this we invested in a new state-of-the-art slitting machine. This new machine is able to handle and convert the requested sizes on aluminium tapes up to 4.100 meter per pad.

More information?

If you want more information on this article, please feel free to contact us. Our account managers will be more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities.


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Aluminum, SHWX