Our new office at Velperweg

new office arnhem velperweg

Moving to our new office at Velperweg

After eight years working in our old office at the Eusebiusbuitensingel 3 in Arnhem, we have moved to a new location in Arnhem, at the Velperweg 82. HEC-Holland has grown rapidly in these past eight years. At the previous location there was no more space for all of us to work, which is why this is the perfect moment for us to move to a brand new and modern office. After a lot of (re)building activities and preparations the last few weeks, we have moved on the 29th of April and started working in our new “home” on the 2nd of May.


Our new office

Our new office is designed by an interior designer and will have a modern look and feel. The office has two state of the art meeting rooms, with the highest standard in Technology. Furthermore, HEC-Holland has invested in every way possible to improve the working environment of its employees and to stimulate their health. For example, we use new high quality office chairs and electronic desks who are adjustable in height. this way our employees are able to stand during work, which will benefit and stimulate their health.

This new office is especially perfect for inviting clients, suppliers, partners and other relations to come to Arnhem for a meeting. It is without saying that you are always welcome to visit us and have a formal or informal chat with a great cup of coffee.

Please contact us and make an appointment.  

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The Final Countdown for local Aluminum Converting

Aluminum, SHWX

Aluminum Converting

HEC-Holland is looking forward that within Q2-2021 it will be the time to celebrate together the start of our local production of aluminum tape at our newly build production facility in Goch, Germany. Thus starts the production of aluminum converting to maintain a stable stream of aluminum tapes for our customers.

Last year the production line and equipment arrived at our newly build hall. However, at that time the Corona Lockdown came. This unfortunately stopped all preparation and installing of the new state of the art aluminum slitting line. Several months passed by and as of Q3-2020, our team of Dutch and German engineers started to take over a part of the commission from our counterpart. The last part needs to be performed under the supervision of our partner from which we bought the machine. However, due to the latest lockdown which started mid-December we have to wait till the final installation works can be completed.

The new state-of-the-art slitting machine is capable of handling and converting the requested sizes on aluminum tapes. We are able to convert up to 4.100 meter per pad, within average 2-3 weeks lead-time from order intake. More information is to follow on the exact date when our production goes live.

We are proud to say that this will have an impact on the European cable industry which can benefit from Asian price settings and the European expertise, flexibility, and short lead times of high-end quality products.

More information?

If any questions arise, please feel free to contact us. Our account managers will be more than happy to give you more details on our services and possibilities.

Office in Shanghai

HEC-Holland office in Shanghai, China

This summer of 2019, HEC-Holland is expanding its sales power in China with the opening of new sales office in Shanghai. With the opening of our new sales office in Shanghai, we are able to have a more direct contact with our clients and suppliers in the region of southeast of Asia. 

Suppliers in East Asia

East Asia is an important region for HEC-Holland. Since the start of HEC-Holland we have very good contact with suppliers from this region. We visit our suppliers on a regular basis in order to keep a close contact and help each other to build up a good relationship. We believe in a strong relationship where reliability, solution-orientation and connecting people and organisations are important values to sustain a longlasting cooperation.

In order to help each other to the best extend we have opened an office in Shanghai, China. From this office we are able to connect with our customers and suppliers. We employed native speaking Chinese employees which helps us and the customers in understanding each other better.

Please feel free to contact us at our new sales office in China. See the below address info for more information and the whereabouts and how to contact us. You can also go to our contact page for all our offices.

Contact address – Shanghai office 

Shanghai Kerry Centre
29th floor – 1515 Nan Jing West Road
Jing’An District
Shanghai 200040 – China

Feel free to call us or send a fax:

Phone   : 00 86 21 6103 7100
Fax        : 00 86 21 6103 7171

HEC-Holland Shanghai in office, China
HEC-Holland office in Shanghai, China

Redesign website

Redesign website HEC Holland BV

Welcome to our new website. We made a complete redesign of the website of HEC-Holland due to our ever evolving company and much needed changes in order to show you as a valued customer who we are and how we can support you in any way we can.

Redesign of the website

Our previous was outdated and did not show our audience who we really are and what we do to support the clients in their processes in the cable industry. Our company has changed and grown over the years and thus we had to make a new marketing and communication strategy which suits our company better. With this new strategy came a new idea for a complete redesign of the website.

The new website is focussing on the needs of the clients. Important changes on the website are:

  • Better User Experience,
  • fresh new look with our corporate identity colors and font implemented,
  • easy navigation,
  • more engaging elements,
  • special news section for all our latest news,
  • continuous monitoring,
  • and more….

Please look around at our website and take a look at the product range we have and the services we provide.

Always improving

The redesign of the website does not end with the launch. It is our mission to connect the world’s best professionals within the cable industry. Therefore we find it important to provide important market information and quality value-added services to the cable industry. We are continuously monitoring our website and looking for improvements in order to give you the best user experience when visiting our website and provide you with high quality market and product information.

Contact or comment on our website?

We hope you can find what you are looking for and look forward to aid you in your future projects.

Do you have a question or a comment on our new website? Feel free to contact us!

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